About ara

About Anti-Racist Alliance

Racism is both morally repugnant and a threat to our society as it divides people and all too often leads to physical conflict.

In its most extreme forms – Trans-Atlantic Slavery, the Holocaust and Apartheid racism is unequivocally condemned by the great majority of people.

However, despite people’s repudiation of such extreme forms of racism, it is embedded in all levels of our society in Britain, especially in its subtle, all-pervasive, institutionalised form.

At a national level, racism holds back both the economic progress and the general development of the whole of our society. Racial discrimination excludes people, limits our cultural development and often prevents the most suitable people being promoted or even offered jobs.

The Anti-Racist Alliance Trust (aratrust) and London Anti-Racist Alliance (LARA) need your help.

We have built up 8 strong teams of volunteers / job-seekers working in Administration, Arts, Casework, Education & Training, Finance, Funding, IT, and Research.

Although we are ambitious regarding short-term grants for some of our project work in the Arts, Casework and Education & Training in particular, we know that the future of the ARA as an independent organisation depends on independent funding rather than short-term project funding from grant-making bodies whose priorities can change annually.

If the basic running of the ARA is guaranteed by its supporters then the ARA will always be independent and will always be directly accountable to its supporters.

To make the ARA fully independent, our aim is to continue to build up our supporters’ donations by cash, cheques or bankers orders so that we can independently finance 1) our own administrative running costs, 2) our own office which is spacious enough to adequately manage our core activities, and 3) our own support staff. Having these three independent resources will give us the permanent infrastructure which we need to be able to expand and to manage our core daily activities and several grant-aided projects at the same time.

Can you help us to achieve these targets?

If you can, there are several ways of doing this. The most efficient way for the ARA is by completing one of our Bankers Order forms for a monthly donation of a minimum of £1 (our supporters currently donate between £1 and £25 a month) and sending it back to us. Another way of helping us to achieve our targets is by making a donation by cheque. A third way to help is by encouraging any other organisation that you belong to (eg a residents association, a trade union, a community group, or a branch of a political party) to affiliate to the ARA. We can provide a speaker and materials and help you to organise this.

If you wish to help us with our work please contact us at: